October started with the same collage of strange that has characterized 2017 all year long. A wonderful music performance with friends, meanwhile a dear friend passed away, meanwhile a mass shooting in Las Vegas, meanwhile politicians spouting sociopathic clouds of ink.

Like most of us I turn to Facebook to check in with friends and stay connected, but it is a swirl of good and bad information, petty concerns and deranged rants, so one has to pick and choose what to pay attention to or risk getting infected with a zombie virus: I find myself scrolling through the newsfeed and suddenly I’ve lost an hour of my life and feel even more disconnected from reality.

So in other words, everything is going according to plan!

But seriously, it is just another month in our lives. We live in interesting times, which can be a curse but is also a challenge to make a difference by adding our talents and efforts where they can do some good. I don’t think I have answers (unlike when I was younger and knew everything), but I do try to add a little encouragement, thoughtfulness and humor through my music and writing. Hopefully it helps.

This month I have some very creative jazz shows at the Skylark. I’ll also be visiting my parents for their 90th and 92nd birthdays. A milestone!

And we start the countdown to our 6th Annual Festivus show. Watch for details, check out the GoFundMe Campaign, start writing down your Grievances, and get in the Festivus spirit!

Onward, ever onward.