December: It’s Festivus Time!

Paul Klemperer’s 6th Annual Festivus Celebration

A fundraiser for Austin Children’s Shelter….

Time: 6:30-9:30pm
Date: Sunday, December 17
Location: Kickbutt Coffee
5775 Airport blvd, Austin, TX….

Paul Klemperer’s Festivus Celebration
is dedicated to bringing people together
through an imaginary sense of community.
In this time of alternate facts and alternate realities,
we are all about embracing illusions
as long as they have a positive effect.
Isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?
So our theme this year is “Alternate Your Reality!”
It’s proactive, and it turns a problematic noun
into a fun-filled verb…..

Join us December 17th for a rollicking evening of
music, dance, and humor.
It’s also a fundraiser for Austin Children’s Shelter,
so while we explore various alternate realities
we can do some good in this one.

You can purchase advance tickets,
or just make a heart-warming donation,
through our GoFundMe Campaign.
The link is: