Summer News

In July and August, I return to my roots, which is New England. For the last 10 years I’ve spent much of the summer playing shows and offering classes in southern New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts and the Boston area. It’s also a time to reconnect with family and friends in the area.

One of my goals has been to share the musical experiences I’ve soaked up living in Texas, bringing that gulf coast energy up to the east coast. It’s been fun to collaborate with musicians along those lines, and the response has been really satisfying. I have a string of annual concerts, parties and jam sessions that carry me through to September, whence I return to good ol’ Austin for another 2 months of summer heat.

My Interactive Concerts Series will pick up again in September. In the meantime I am filling out other aspects of the project, in particular interviewing people on the subject of music and aging, expanding the concert repertoire, and editing audio and video recordings. The goal is to build an archive of useful and interesting material. If any of that sounds interesting I welcome your involvement! Just send me an email: