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My Exotic Other: World Music Dance Party! February 18 @ The Highball Lounge, 7:30-10:00pm.

Manteca Beat Allstars Project: Paul Klemperer formed Manteca Beat to showcase what he calls “Americano Music,” the diverse mix of musical traditions that reflect our “nation of immigrants” culture. Classic R&B, Blues, Jazz, Latin are just some of the great music Manteca Beat performs.

With a grant from the City of Austin Live Music Fund, Paul is producing several concerts in 2024 featuring an expanded ensemble, the “Manteca Beat Allstars.” The band will also play club dates to prepare for the larger concerts.


About CreativeSEA.org

At the end of 2022, Paul & his band of creatives officially formed a nonprofit: Creative Social Engagement Through The arts (CreativeSEA.org). CreativeSEA’s first project for 2023 was to sponsor the monthly Community Jazz Jam. This is held the last Sunday of each month at Barrel O’ Fun, a friendly, community-oriented restaurant/pub at Alamo Drafthouse Mueller. Click on the PKSAX calendar for details.

The Community Jazz Jam carries on the friendly all-ages jam that Paul hosted at Kickbutt Coffee from 2011-2020. The philosophy of this jam was to make jazz accessible to all levels and styles of music performers who wanted to explore the jazz tradition. This approach made the jam popular with a wide cross-section of Austin’s music community. As the Community Jazz Jam builds back up, CreativeSEA’s sponsorship will encourage multi-media artistic social engagement, so that folks with various creative tools can connect with the music across different media. For example, live drawing at concerts is an increasingly common multi-media activity. Digital photography (especially with today’s smart phones) is ubiquitous at most music events. And spoken word has long been part of jazz performances. These are just a few examples of multi-media creative expressions which are historically part of the jazz tradition, and hopefully will become an organic part of the Community Jazz Jam.

Meanwhile, Paul is also busy adding content to his Patreon Page, music videos, interviews, travel blog, essays, and stories. It’s all available at the virtual cafe/lounge/spa that he calls Chez PK. If you want to peruse it, there is free content for the public. If you like what you see, please join Paul’s community as a subscriber!

You can access Chez PK at https://www.patreon.com/pksax?fan_landing=true

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