Since 1999, Paul Klemperer has hosted a monthly jazz jam with the purpose of welcoming all levels of jazz players to interact onstage.  The focus on mentoring allows Paul to bring together students and professionals, young and old, in an atmosphere that is friendly while upholding high standards of musicianship.  It is a great learning experience for all!

Where: Kickbutt Coffee, 5775 Airport blvd, Austin, TX.

When: The First Tuesday of Every Month, 8:00-10:30pm.


New technologies offer more ways for music teachers, students, and associates to share information, work on projects and help each other grow musically, even when they are in separate places. Paul Klemperer offers online lessons, supplemental tips and coaching through scheduled real time sessions, as well as videos, podcasts and PDFs. For more information, email Paul at pksaxhq@gmail.com.