Blog Blog Blog!

I like to write, to share thoughts, to beat back against the darkness with the tiny flame of critical thinking. But what to do with these thoughts, where to put them? Over 2022 I’ve been trying a new strategy, consolidating my creative content on my Patreon page, Chez PK. The link:

For years I added content to my website, but that felt like putting it in a cardboard box and sticking it in the back of a closet. The internet could be a vibrant virtual Town Square, where folks gather to share and commune. But in practice it is more like a giant self-storage facility where people pack the pics, vids, blogs and embarrassing moments onto social media accounts and forlorn websites. And I’m one of them!

So I am trying Patreon, seeing if it can be a way to consolidate my community, centralize my content, make it accessible, fun, useful. In theory it seems possible. But the weeks turn into months, and the cyber winds whistle outside my storage facility. Yet I remain hopeful. So I will keep adding new content to Chez PK, with the stylish neon Welcome! sign buzzing faintly in the crepuscular gloom. I hope you will join me, check out my music, stories, etc., and share your thoughts.