2010 Wrapup

We’re in the homestretch. Some would say it’s meaningless to measure one’s time in hours, days, weeks, years. Yes, the Julian calendar is an arbitrary yardstick (you could go by the Jewish calendar, or the Zoroastrian for that matter), but still I get a little philosophical and retrospective this time of year. So I look back at all that I have done, seen and shared over this past year, and I want to send a thank you to all the people in my life that have made the days so full. I’m looking forward to more hectic and wonderful times in 2011.

I have a few more shows over the next week. If you’re looking for something fun to do on Xmas Eve (besides watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” while weeping into your beer, join us at Romeo’s for a big ol’ music party.

My Exotic Other has one more show for 2010, this Tuesday at Momo’s. We’ll preview some new compositions of mine and have a CD giveaway!

Here’s a little taste from last week’s New Music Night at Kickbutt Coffee: We tried out some new ideas mixing Indian classical music, funk, and jazz. This video clip features Shiv Naimpally on tabla and drum machine, Amie Maciscewski on sitar, Sean Hopper on bass, and David Spann on guitar.