Springtime In Texas

They say that Central Texas does have four seasons: hot, cold, wet and dry.  But as the many brushfires are attesting, this year it’s mostly hot and dry.  This spring might be a good time to convert your Johnson grass yard to a xeriscape of prickly pear cactus and limestone chunks, the way God intended.

After a brief California tour with Larry Lange and His Lonely Knights, I’ll be embracing the Texas summer with a series of homegrown events, a musical xeriscape if you will.  As the location of the P.K.S.A.X. Global Command Center, Austin is always a hotbed of cultural and artistic activity.  This summer we will be working on some new recordings both for Manteca Beat, and for My Exotic Other.  We’ll be continuing our regular monthly events at Kickbutt Coffee, Romeo’s, Muang Thai, Momo’s, and other local hangouts, so check our event calendar for details.

As a music teacher, I work with individual students on technique and theory.  But I also offer group classes and workshops on music performance, theory, and music related topics.  This summer I will be collaborating with other teachers and performers to offer some exciting new classes as well as house concert-style presentations.  Some of the topics will include: 1) horn section skills, 2) jazz theory and arranging for instrumentalists and singers, 3) performing world music in the 21st century.

If you are a performer, music student, music historian, or just someone who is interested in the projects we offer, please drop us a line.  It’s going to be a long, hot summer so let’s get cooking.