July News

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July has been a busy music month. Besides cool (and hot!) gigs with Larry Lange and The Lonely Knights, The Jitterbug Vipers, Manteca Beat, My Exotic Other, Sangeet Millennium, Ragavatar, and monthly jazz jams, I am squeezing in a trip to New England to visit family and play with old friends. Not to rub it in, but feeling cool non-conditioned air wafting through open windows the first night here was a joy. Of course I’m already homesick for that 104 degree Austin heat. Sort of.

The schedule picks up the last two weeks of the month:
July 19 – New Music Night at Kickbutt Coffee will feature touring rock act Amber Reigns. 8-10pm.
July 20 – PK plays with The Jitterbug Vipers at Lamberts. 7-9pm.
July 21 – PK plays with Ivory Ghost at Central Market. 6:30-9pm.
July 22 – Manteca Beat plays at Tom’s Tabooley. 7-10pm.
July 24 – Manteca Beat plays at Antone’s for the Well Aware Benefit. 7-8pm.
July 26 – PK and Friends play the Elephant Room. 9:30pm-1:30am.
July 27 – PK hosts the monthly Last Wednesday Jazz Jam at Caffe Medici. 7:30-10pm.
July 28 – PK plays with The Jitterbug Vipers at Momo’s. 5:30-7:30pm.
July 29 – Manteca Beat plays a special Ham Jam house concert. 7-10pm.
July 30 – Manteca Beat plays Romeo’s. 10pm-midnight.
July 31 – Manteca Beat plays the Kevapalooza benfit. 4-5pm. AND PK plays with
Ragavatar in San Antonio. 7:30-10pm.