Fall 2011

Sept. 21 is the fall equinox unless I’ve been misinformed by the pagan/druid/wicca/animistic community.  It does feel like fall is coming, what with the temperature dropping into the low 90s and perky students bustling about all over town.

Like many others, I didn’t complete many projects that began with the sentence, “By the end of the summer I – ” (fill in the blank).  But it was a full and productive summer.  Lots of great music shows, pool parties, reconnecting with friends and family.  I have made some progress on my music warmup book and I’ll have sample chapters available for my students soon.  I also have a handful of new compositions which I’ll take into the recording studio soon.

On the world music front, I’ve been busy both with My Exotic Other, and collaborations with Sangeet Millennium and Ragavatar.  We have more shows coming up soon, in particular 9/24 and 10/2.  Check my web calendar for details.

I wanted to give a special shout out to Tom and Brigid of Tom’s Tabooley.  They made that place into a great little venue, adding the Snug room to the restaurant.  I look forward to playing there each month!

– Paul Klemperer