October Happenings

It feels a little more like fall in Texas, not so much because of the calendar but more because we had two great days of rain and the land seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Evidence of the drought is still all around, but the brutal days of summer are fading into memory. I played a show out at Lake Travis last week, at the Oasis Complex which now includes Uncle Billy’s. The sunsets are as beautiful as ever out there, but the lake itself looks drastically different, almost like a different country, with the exposed limestone shelves staircasing down to the ever-receding water line. I watched a few motorboats moving in tight circles, looking like tadpoles trapped in an evaporating mudhole. But like I said, the sunsets are still beautiful, and Uncle Billy’s has some good cold beer.
I’ve been having a great time playing with San Antonio bassist Joel Dilley. We teamed up with sarode player Rick Henderson for a concert with his Indian fusion group Ragavatar at the Blue Star Art Complex on October 2. Then Joel and his lovely wife Bett Butler brought me in to play the Botanical Gardens Moonlight Festival October 15, with Philip Marshall swinging on drums. That was a beautiful evening, with thousands of festival goers strolling between the 5 stages.
October 22 I play the Corpus Christi Jazz Festival. Looking forward to seeing the Texas coast!