Not to sound like a broken record (scratched CD? corrupted data file? what is the appropriate 21st century simile?), but the year is careening towards its finish and it seems like all the grand plans I had for 2011 are sitting in half-finished heaps all around me. I know a lot of you fellow procrastinators get the same feeling as the new year approaches. But I did get a nugget of wisdom from Brigid at Tom’s Tabooley the other night, along with my gyro sandwich: It helps to take a moment, sit down and take stock of all that you have gotten done, over the past week, past month, etc.

In the flurry of daily chores it’s easy to lose track of the things we actually accomplish, or at least the many things that demand we do them. There are the grand schemes and projects we chip away at, but there are also the necessary things that need to get done each week and (we hope) add up to something over time. It does help to take a moment to reflect on all that we do get done.

I try to use my recurring monthly shows in part to do that, take a moment to reflect on all that we do, the community we create every day through our combined (though often uncoordinated) efforts. I really appreciate the presence of my friends at my shows; I know you all have busy and stressful lives and I hope that my music helps you unwind a little, gives you a space to hang out with old and new friends, and gives you a moment to reflect on all that you have done.

This month I have several special shows: 11/12 I team up with Sangeet Millennium for the Global Divas concert, which will feature touring Indian singer Kirwan Ahluwalia…11/13 My Exotic Other adds their music to a benefit for the Red Cross at Central Market…11/18 Manteca Beat returns to the Ham Jam House for an intimate house concert.

And then it’s on into December!

– Paul Klemperer