Wrapping Up 2011

The last month of the year is always a busy one for me, and 2011 is no exception. I have had a great year in music, playing with a wide range of groups and styles. It has also been a productive year for teaching. My students range from kids just starting out, all the way to grizzled pros tweaking their skills. I have been working on a set of warmup exercises that can help all levels of players, based on decades of teaching. Of course, as a dedicated procrastinator, it’s taking longer than I hoped to get the finished book out there, but 2012 should see it happen.


Some of my young students have made great progress in their jazz skills, so I wanted to showcase them in a music recital where they could play with a real rhythm section. This idea evolved into the Season Of Light Winter Recital. I am teamed up with two other music teachers, Amie Maciszewski and Sarah Jane Hargis, to showcase our students in a celebration of different musical styles. Amie’s students performed in the classical North Indian tradition, Sarah Jane’s students played traditional European classical holiday music, and my students represented the jazz tradition. This all happened December 8 at Central Market. Video will be available soon!


I’m finishing the year out with a bunch of holiday parties. Even though I, like most musicians, get a little burned out playing all those Xmas songs, hearing Jingle Bells for the umpteenth time and all that, this time of year is when I can reconnect with lots of friends. For much of the year musicians don’t get to hang out with each other or their friends because we are all playing in different places. We only tend to see each other when we’re playing a benefit for a fellow player. So it is nice to be able to get together and jam in more festive situations.


I had a great time at my holiday party Dec 9 at Romeo’s. Among the musicians who came down and jammed were Rodney Craig, Chris Vestre, Gary Feist, Peter Pope, Craig Marshall, Judith Miller, and Michael Christian. Thanks to all of you!


Dec 16 we’re celebrating Festivus at Tom’s Tabooley. Come join us for The Airing Of Greivances and Feats Of Strength!


– Paul Klemperer