Theme Music by P.K.S.A.X.

I have been working on adding more cultural elements to my shows, particularly with Manteca Beat.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to play with musicians from all over the world, and I like drawing from these influences in my own music, playing classic songs from all over, and writing my own material.

I’ve also been fortunate to travel and play music in many wonderful settings – Europe, Turkey, Latin America, Asia… and deep in the heart of Texas.  I’ve accumulated pictures, stories, and friends from these experiences, and I’m trying to incorporate them into my shows with theme-nights.

Manteca Beat put on a really fun show in April at Tom’s Tabooley:  Cuba Night.  We played classic Cuban songs, some originals inspired by my trip there, and showed slides of the trip.  Also offered Cuba Libres, of course!  The response from folks was great, so we’ll be doing another Cuba Night.  Also in the works are Asia Night, and Mediterranean Night.

it’s going to be an interesting summer!

-Paul Klemperer