Moon Child Rising

Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday in fine style this July.  I started off the festivities at the Manteca Beat house concert, where I unveiled some original songs that had been in the works for awhile.  We taped that show, so if we got any good live versions of the new material I’ll make it available to interested parties soon.

Then I had a big throwdown at the Elephant Room, with many friends, musical guests and a big ol’ mocha cream cake.  Quite yummy.  My band at the ‘Phant was David Marsden on guitar, Steve Summer on drums, and Russell Scanlon hammering out the bass notes (everybody knows him as one of Austin’s best guitar players, but he played some amazing stuff on electric bass that night).  We played a bunch more originals, and I want to thank the fellas for letting me use them as guinea pigs, lab rats, or whatever the appropriate metaphor is.

I have a few more shows happening in July, then I’m making a quick tour to Los Angeles with Larry Lange, followed by a much-needed trip to the ancestral homeland to visit the parental units back in Boston.  September’s going to be busy with new shows, so I hope to have my batteries charged, spiritual sparkplugs perfectly gapped, etc., as the musical clown car takes off again.

(I was going to use a Formula One analogy, but try as I might, I just can’t get on board.)