January Stuff

2013 was going to be the year I got organicized, and it could still happen.  The problem with playing and teaching music, is that it doesn’t leave much time for other projects, like playing and teaching music.  I guess that’s true no matter what your chosen profession is: You can get so wrapped up in the day-to-day list of chores that it’s hard to see the big picture.  But we chip away at the giant sculpture that is our life, and occasionally get to step back and take stock.


The New Year always seems like a good time to look at the big picture and plan, if not 12 months, then at least a couple months.  So I did, sipping my coffee and staring out at the rain, and suddenly January is halfway over.  How did that happen?


But good stuff is happening this month:  We had a great jazz jam at Kickbutt Coffee New Year’s Day night.  The place was packed and we started the new year in style.  I’m doing several shows with My Exotic Other, Manteca Beat, and several other bands, including a trip to D.C. to play at the Inauguration with the Austin Community College Big Band.  Pretty cool.

And then it will be February and Mardi Gras.  Stay tuned!