2014, Here We Go.

As far as New Year’s Resolutions, there could have been many, but one idea seemed to take hold: For 2014 I will focus on some major projects which already are shaping the year for me.  Of course the usual ongoing musical events fill up each week, fun things happening on a regular basis.

The First Tuesday Jazz Jam at Kickbutt Coffee.  Each month, the first Tuesday is a party at Kickbutt Coffee, 5775 Airport, as my rhythm section lays down the jazz grooves and then opens up the stage to players of all ages and levels.

The Third Wednesday Lounge Night at Skylark Lounge.  Come by for a retro vibe hang as we play music from 8:30-10:30pm.

My regular shows at great Austin bars: One-2-One Bar, Satellite Lounge, the Elephant Room, and more.  Check my website calendar for updates.

Here are the big projects on the horizon for 2014:

March: SXSW, I’ll be backing up Indian superstar Sandhiya Sanjana on her showcase.

July: I’ll be performing in New England, as well as teaching some workshops there, in Boston, Western Mass, and New Hampshire.

October: The Texas Jazz Jam Cruise will be going through the Caribbean, and I’ll be leading the house band in entertaining all the fine folks joining us for a musical week.

December: I’ll be hosting another wild Festivus Celebration to close out the year.

Whoosh, it’ll all go by so fast!