During this time of Covid-19 Paul Klemperer, like many other performers, is providing content to friends, fans and the random world-at-large through Facebook Live-Streaming, YouTube video posts, and other social media platforms.

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Also, here’s a copy of my Easter/Eostre Newsletter, 4-12-20:

Hi friends,

Adjusting to the Covid Era, I’ve been broadcasting “Shelter In Place Storytime” the last few Sunday evenings.  For this Easter Sunday I was planning to do something related to spring, rebirth, etc.  Of course we all know about the Indo-European mythology of Eostre/Ostara, but there are very few short stories featuring that figure.  As I diligently sifted through Google, I learned (once again!) that history is murky and less clear than we are taught in school.  The historical process of Catholic syncretism, wherein non-Christian deities are subsumed into the Christian narrative, is well documented, but the EasterEostre connection is not as straightforward as I had thought (or been told). Most historians rely on the writings of 8th century Benedictine Monk Bede the Venerable, who himself may have embellished historical fact with his own opinions (don’t we all!)…

Anyway, that got me thinking about how most of us are responding to the emerging facts of Corona Virus.  Even the best of us, trying to share information, tend to lead with quick opinions while new facts emerge more slowly.  It’s not much help that scientists, who speak in quiet measured tones, are drowned out by opportunistic politicians and other oxygen-hogs.  

So, I am inclined to look for stories that evoke a deeper truth, one that can include particular cultural narratives like Easter and Eostre, in a way that doesn’t dismiss all human expressive culture as self-serving fiction, but also recognizes that factual truth is usually more complex than we can fully grasp.  As we daily face new and disturbing facts about Covid-19, it’s tempting to give in to pessimistic despair (“There’s nothing we can do, and our leaders are lying to us”), or narcissistic optimism (“Everything will work out, facemasks and gloves are for chumps”).  How can we steer a better course, individually and collectively?  I was hoping to find a story for tonight’s broadcast that would evoke that theme, but I’m having a hard time.  Please recommend one if you have come across it.  In the meantime, I may rely on a Sherlock Holmes tale, because it’s always comforting to have a master detective on the case!

Have a great week!