8 Months and Then…?

The new Covid World Order overtook us in March 2020, defining the year in ways we couldn’t have predicted, although our behavior as a nation was predictable. Politicizing a virus became just the latest way various “influencers” continued to polarize our society.

Like many musicians, I responded by trying to use music as a way to strengthen our community. I began live-streaming performances at least twice per week. I got positive responses for my Space Force Jazz Lounge broadcasts, and for my Shelter In Place Storytime readings. It was hard to know where everything was going, but it was always clear that making an effort to connect with people, to bring positive and creative energy into the public sphere was worth doing.

Now we are at a transition point, with the presidential election results about to loom over us for a good chunk of November. There will be speechifying, there will be chest-thumping, there will be lawyers. When the dust settles, we may see a clearer path before us. Will we unify as a nation, rationally come together to address the challenges of infrastructure development (which includes healthcare, as well as environmental protections, job training for new technologies, all kinds of forward-thinking issues)? Or will we entrench into opportunistic small-minded self-serving gangs, fighting each other instead of fighting for each other?

Whatever happens, the music will continue. I’ll be trying to carry a positive tune, and I hope you will hear it over the noise.