House Concert Culture

Across the country more and more people are discovering that house concerts are a great way to experience music. The idea is simple: Someone hosts the musicians at their house, guests are invited and contribute some currency to support the artists, everyone has a good time. No loud obnoxious clubs, unruly drunks (except myabe your own close friends), no hassles of finding parking, etc.

Also, in this tough economy, house concerts can be seen as part of the micro-economies that spring up when people help each other get by, strengthening the local community’s ability to meet daily needs. For musicians this can often mean that house concerts help them get their music out to people when the regular nightclub gigs and tour dates start to dry up.

With that in mind, I really want to give a shout out to Daren Appelt a great Austin music supporter who makes his beautiful available to musicians almost every week. I’ll be leading my band Manteca Beat in a concert at his house Friday November 18. I hope y’all can make it!

Paul Klemperer

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