New Compositions by Paul Klemperer

I have been writing a lot of new stuff for My Exotic Other.  I’ve had a lot of different kinds of music in my ears over the last year – Cuban, Afrobeat, Neo-Funk, Latin jazz, Bollywood… It’s a bit overwhelming.  I filter it by keeping in mind that music fits many moods, and I want to write in many moods.

The music for the May 26 concert will cover a range of styles, and I think it will be a very full sonic experience for everyone involved.  I’m particularly looking forward to sharing our arrangements of songs that our singer Madhura has brought to the project, traditional Indian songs that we are reshaping to give a modern feel.  The challenge is to make the music full of energy but keeping the sensitivity of the source material.  It’s really exciting to work on these songs and feel them take shape.

I have original vocal material as well, which Madhura and the band are helping me to work up into some cool arrangements.  I hope to have a few early samples to share soon!