My Exotic Other Spring Concert

My Exotic Other Spring Concert…

The concert is set for May 26 at the Stateside at the Paramount Theater in Austin. 7:00-10:00pm.

There will be an intermission with cash bar and concessions.

The concert will feature new compositions, both instrumental and vocal.  We will also have special guests for the Drum Invocation, and Finale Jam.  The music is going to take you to familiar and new places and should be quite exciting.  The theme of the Spring Concert is to explore musical styles from around the world and discover new connections through the music.

As we say in the band, My Exotic Other plays “where the fire meets the dark.”

3 thoughts on “My Exotic Other Spring Concert”

  1. Hi fans of MEO and music lovers in general:
    If any of you are like me, and have put off making a contribution to the Indiegogo Campaign to the eleventh hour, please be aware that the deadline is approaching. Having just made a contribution myself, I would like to see the campaign succeed in meeting its goal. On my last check the contribution total has just passed the half way mark towards the goal. There are a few days left, so please step up and contribute. MEO has a lot of good music to offer to our community. Let’s all do what we can to make this campaign and concert a success.

    Peter Pope

  2. heard you at the Farmer’s Market and thought your music was great.

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