March Happenings

As I grow older (gracefully, I hope), I’m finding it helpful to organize each new year by blocking off some challenging creative projects.  That way, as the days flow into weeks, the weeks into months, in a blur of making-the-donuts tasks and deadlines, I can lift my head out of my foxhole and keep some perspective.  Oh yeah, I got that thing done (wrote a song, got dental insurance, planted a garden, etc.).  I think it’s a truism that time speeds up as you grow older, so we gots to make the most of it!

That said, I have gotten a few good things done in these first few months of 2015 (besides getting dental insurance):  Wrote 5 new songs with lyrics (I look forward to playing them at my shows soon); recorded an original classical-based quintet (“Serpentelos” – available soon!); played a great Mardi Gras show with the new and funky band Gumbo Ya Ya; played a wonderful set with Marcia Ball (which brought back some great memories) at the HAAM 10th Anniversary Celebration; and I’ve been having a lovely time most Friday happy hours at C-Boys, playing with the Jitterbug Vipers, part of my extended dysfunctional musical family, who I love dearly.

So SXSW is next on the horizon, which nicely bookends March.  Until then, it’s back into the foxhole for me!