Endings & Beginnings

The lesson of the universe these days seems to be “Take your vitamins, you’ll need to keep your strength up.” Lots of good stuff happening, lots of bad stuff, lots of sad stuff. The rains, as everyone knows, brought havoc to many in Central Texas. I was lucky, just some property damage from a 100 year old oak falling near my house. Many of my friends are cleaning layers of mud from their houses, sorting through flood-damaged possessions, etc.
Many artists and musicians are lending their talents to raise money to help, and I’ll be playing with a group to do just that on June 13. Global to Local: A concert for Central Texas Flood Relief will feature world musicians from Texas and India in a night of great music for a good cause.

Over the last few months several friends passed away, including music brother Slim Richey. I first met him in 1983, at a jazz jam at the Driskill Hotel. I thought “Who is this guy with the long beard?” But when the jazz started coming out of his finger tips, all questions were answered. I had the real privilege of playing a bunch of shows with him, with the Jazz Pharaohs and later with the Jitterbug Vipers. So many many songs!

I have a few more shows lined up for June (check the calendar), and then June 19 I’ll be heading out of town, making my way back to Boston to see my parents, and playing some shows around New England for much of the summer.