March 2016

March is marching on through.  As usual, staying on top of gigs, recording projects, and the general mayhem of daily life feels like an Indiana Jones escape scene, giant boulders, poisoned darts, snakes and the rest.  But we soldier on!

The weekly Wednesday shows at Skylark Lounge have been going very well.  I’m amazed by and grateful for the talent and hard work my musicians put in to make each show special.  For those fans who can’t make the shows, we are trying to get some decent video at each one to archive the performances.  Email me for details.

SXSW is swinging through, like the traveling circus it is.  I have a few shows this week, but the real fun is schmoozing with folks visiting from various corners of the world.  So far the highlight has been the Pakistan music folks, part of the Foundation for Arts, Culture & Education (  Wonderful people and excellent musicians!

After the SXSW dust settles, I’ll be starting a new residency at a great new Italian restaurant in my neighborhood.  Check out Gino’s Vino in the Mueller development.  I’ll be there March 22, jazz & pasta!

PK at the Skylark Lounge