The Musical Family

As many of my friends and fans know, I’ve been dealing with some heavy family issues.  I’m not going to go Oprah on y’all, but it has been an intense year, and I appreciate the love and support of those in my circle.  The thing foremost on my mind is the way music has been a constant thread throughout this time.  Just things like being able to play for my aging parents, and knowing that the time we have left is precious; feeling pretty blessed to have music to give them, and that they can still enjoy it; managing to get them out to one of my gigs and seeing them digging the tunes as they sip their cocktails; maybe they even get up and dance for a minute if their legs will hold them.

But on a larger level, I have been increasingly aware of the family that music has allowed me to create, or allowed me to be part of.  Musicians over at my house jamming, showing up at my gigs and sitting in, helping me create cool moments for my parents to enjoy while they’ve been staying with me here in Austin.  And then the never-ending pretzel of Austin music life, where I find myself connecting with friends from 20 years ago at a gig, or talking with a musician I’ve known that long, but never knew what he went through as his parents neared the end, and suddenly we are talking some deep and soulful stuff while sipping our beers on break in some dimly lit club on the outskirts of town, and I realize there is family all around me.  And the music keeps us connected when it would be so easy to drift apart.

But I’m not gonna go Oprah on you, so I’ll just say thanks to my musical family out there.  You know who you are.