January Happenings

January 2017… Well, of course that inauguration thingy happened on the 20th, and then the huge women’s march on the 21st. Not to read too much into that weekend, but we may be living in a world of intense extremes for the foreseeable future. It could be healthy, a stripping away of illusion, an appreciation of the things in our lives that really matter. Or it could be like a scene from a bad 1950s sci-fi movie, mobs of panicked citizens running screaming through the streets, chased by a giant radioactive spider. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, my shows at the Skylark Lounge continue to go really well. I appreciate my friends and fans coming out and supporting us every Wednesday. I know it’s hard work, sitting in a dimly lit bar, drinking, eating pizza, clapping sometimes at the end of a song. It’s not something that everyone would do, and your commitment does not go unnoticed!

For those who missed some of our shows, or want to relive those fleeting moments, we are videotaping when we can, and we will be posting the highlights on YouTube. You can keyword my name, the Skylark Lounge, or go directly to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAUQr4NzZdp98pT08-gmGKQ.

January show highlights include:
January 11 – Spotlight On The Blues
January 18 – Manteca Beat featuring the music of Mose Allison
January 25 – Global Jazz featuring Oliver Rajamani