February 2017

It’s been a surreal year so far, but only if you pay attention. Most days I just hunker down and get some work done until it’s time to eat. But seriously, we all find ways to cope, and music is the thing, more and more, that sustains me. Which leads me to the subject at hand: February doings in the music scene.
I’ve been very fortunate to have a fine weekly residency at the Skylark Lounge, going on almost a year and a half now. Each week I have a different theme with some great musical guests. So far this year I’ve had Oliver Rajamani, Sara Riesner, Rick McRae, and the list is getting longer.
Feb 22 will be a Mardi Gras Warmup Party, with plenty of New Orleans Jazz & Funk. In March some of my special guests will be Julie Slim-Nassif, Alex Coke, and Joanna Ramirez. So we will be presenting all kinds of great music under the jazz umbrella!
As a sideman, I’ve been doing some really interesting projects as well. Valentines Day I played with the Golden Arm Trio for a special screening of the silent film Wings, and for the last chunk of February I’m part of the pit orchestra for the musical Prohibition. Check my website calendar for details.
The year, surreal, orange-hued and full of social turmoil, nevertheless proceeds apace. And the band plays on!