Hot Fun In The Summertime

This summer I have some new exciting projects as well as some ongoing exciting projects. Also, I have decided to put the word “exciting” before all my projects to keep myself motivated. Isn’t that exciting?

June 26 – July 11 I’ll be playing shows around New England, and hanging out with my beloved parents in Watertown, MA. My 90-yr-old mother could trade war stories with any Patriots linebacker, but she wants to keep working through her injuries and get in better shape. So I’ll be her personal trainer for much of the summer. Our regimen will include age-appropriate exercises drawn from yoga, t’ai chi, kung fu, karate, weight training, espresso and chianti (as needed).

As for my father, I plan to be his personal secretary. He used to have one when he was a Harvard chemistry professor, and I know he misses those days. He loves to expound on various topics, so I’ll be recording and scribbling notes as much as I can. Of course, when he gets deep into physical chemistry I just write phonetically and grunt encouraging monosyllables, but that’s what you get with free labor.

July 23 – Aug 7 I’ll be in Indiana, playing with the Chanticleer String Quartet. This is new musical territory for me and I really am excited about it. We’ll perform a mixed repertoire of classical and jazz, from Mozart to Afro-Cuban.

Then it’s back to New England for more music and family fun until September. I’ll also be posting articles and essays throughout the summer. I’ll post to Facebook of course, rapidly becoming the Fox News of the interweb, but if you’d like to read the full text of any of my excitingly erudite writings, check here or my companion author website

With the fervent hope that I remain your most obedient humble servant,

Paul Klemperer