It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Festivus!

Halloween is behind us, pumpkin spice flavored drinks are crowding the shelves, turkeys are casting baleful glances at Farmer John. It’s getting to be that time of year again. With the winter holidays comes that excitement, the chilly air, the hustle and bustle… and that growing feeling of stress, irritation at the rampant commercialism and utter wastefulness of selling all that holiday crap. But there’s no need to let it get you down: Festivus comes to the rescue!

If you are new to Festivus, just google it. Then come join Paul Klemperer and his Festivians for cynically joyful holiday fun as we share songs and grievances around the mighty Festivus pole. This year Paul has a series of concerts and parties planned, all building toward the 8th Annual Festivus Celebration, which will be Dec 15 at Barrel O’ Fun in Alamo Drafthouse Mueller.

The first party is Sun Nov 10 at Energies Balanced Yoga Studios. Join us for a potluck, concert, party and singalong. We’ll pass the hat for the band and sing songs of Festivuses past and present. What’s a Festivus song, you ask? Really it is any song you like, that means something special to you, or a has a slightly sarcastic edge. We guarantee you’ll have a good time!