Happy Hollerdays!

Well, the year is winding down in fine fashion. Our 8th Annual Festivus Celebration was a glorious success, if’n I do say so myself. We had a near capacity crowd at Barrel O’ Fun, which was the perfect venue for our wacky variety show, what with their carnival sideshow decor. The staff was really helpful (particularly our sound engineer who dealt with our 9-piece ensemble with total equanimity) and the atmosphere was convivial throughout. We aired our grievances, demonstrated various feats of strength and acknowledged an abundance of Festivus miracles, not least of which was me managing to get through the show while nursing a nasty chest cold. And, after all the fun and games, we collectively raised over $1000 for Austin Children’s Shelter, which says something good about our community of misfits and malcontents.

Now I’m planning the calendar for 2020. Foremost among our winter and spring events will be the Interactive Concerts for Creative Aging. We’ll have an introductory musical get together in January, and the first big show will be in February. If you’d like to get involved just email me at pksaxhq@gmail.com for details.

My regular music calendar will pick up again on January 1, with the first Jazz Wednesday show for 2020 at Skylark Lounge. The monthly Jazz Jam at Kickbutt Coffee will be January 14, so plan accordingly.

May your holidays be full of joy and light, or at least some good eatin’ and low stressin’ !